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Design Approach

All things business, The Fold was commissioned by TOG (The Office Group) and branded with its own visual identity. The publication was created to connect and inspire businesses by telling the stories of innovative companies from their inception, through their strife, growth and good times.

Part of TOG’s ethos is a unique approach to each of their locations. A bespoke outlook rather than a one-size-fits-all, working in situ with the building's original architecture and bringing new life into the space. This crafted bespoke approach is mimicked in The Fold’s branding using a typically traditional serif typeface, nostalgic of business news but with a modernised twist. This is paired with 3 additional typefaces for flexibility. One traditional serif, one highly stylised italic and one clean, modern sans serif. For the website, a similar approach was taken with expandable and collapsable spaces to allow for shifting content and engaging but simple movement.


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