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Hi, I'm Anni

I'm a graphic designer with 12 years design experience . But, I also have a BA in Fashion, I've learnt to silkscreen, on the weekends I like to paint AND I have been known to occasionally make the "odd" pot. Needless to say, I bring lots of versatile inspiration to my work. In my spare time I like to watch court cases about corporate fraud and listen to Bloomberg while I'm cleaning. Weird. I know.

When it comes to working with clients, I'm all about digging deep to understand your brand needs. Building that magic connection that allows me to find the best solutions for you whilst pushing the creative boundaries of your company. At the core of my work is research, strong concepts, humour (when possible) and an acute eye for detail.

I like to establish long-term relationships through collaborative processes, cultivating creativity to facilitate companies through their growth. I have a wealth of experience working with both new business and larger international companies.

T: 07730 269 849


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