What I Did

Creative Direction
Photography Styling
Content Curation
Publication Design
Print Management
Social Media
Digital Assets

Design Approach

The Collection — 9 books over 9 years showcasing the best of Buckley Gray Yeoman’s work. With their ever-evolving landscape, we've approached the publications with some malleability always bringing new ideas to the table... in line with their ethos of "agents of opportunity."  

When I initially started designing the publication the first design change entailed increasing the size of the book. This immediately transformed it from a shelved book to a coffee table book, increasing its "pulling power". Additionally, all the images were larger, making the most of Buckley Gray Yeoman's photography and was a better fit for large-scale developments. Next, it felt important to Illustrate their unique approach through the lens of process and materials. Paired with simple and minimal layouts and tactile materials, new life was breathed into this project.

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